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 Recent Courses Taught

Political foundations of Public Health

This course is designed to teach first semester MPH and PhD students about the political process as it connects to public health before beginning their course sequence on health policy.

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Health Policy Analysis

This course is designed to give students the requisite skills to carry out a health-based policy analysis in the evolving policy landscape. Key topics for discussion include the eight-fold path to policy analysis, interest groups, public opinion, media influence, and theories of the policy process.

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Introduction to Health Services Research

This course provides first semester students in the Texas A&M Health Services Research PhD program with the foundational skills they will need throughout their careers in academia. The course teaches basic statistics, bivariate analysis, ordinary least squares regression, and data management and analysis in STATA.

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Survey Design for Public Health Research and Practice

This course provides second year MPH and PhD students in public health with skills in survey design. Students will learn about measurement strategy, pitfalls of survey design, and key considerations for surveys in the health sciences.

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Health Policy and Politics

This course provides first year MPH, MHA, and doctoral students with vital information about the relationships between politics, policy, and health. During the first half of the semester students learn the basics of politics and how they shape health. In the second half of the semester students learn about key US health policies. 

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Analysis of Current Health Policy Issues

This course helps students learn about important public health policy issues, to develop the skills to describe, analyze, and debate policy problems and proposals, and to identify policy solutions to public health problems. The course begins with an overview of the policy analysis process and then uses a policy analysis framework to examine important public health problems. 

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Health Systems, Policy, and Law

This course is designed as a core course for all MPH students at the Boston University School of Public Health. In the course, students learn about the constitutional, regulatory, policy, and socio-economic foundations of public health. The course places a particular emphasis on understanding health law, its underpinnings, and what that means for health access, quality, and cost; particularly in the United States. 

Syllabus Forthcoming

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